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Office of Data Analytics

18youngchinagirlg视频 ALEXAGRACE小女十六岁The Office of Data & Analytics (ODA) collects, analyzes and reports data concerning the State University System of Florida. The office consists of two teams: a database team that manages the State University Database System (SUDS) and works with institutional staff to ensure that data adheres to the System’s established business rules; and, a reporting team that provides stakeholders with summary analysis.

For information requests, please go to the contact webpage.


Jason Jones, Chief Data Officer

Benita McMillian, Senior Database Analyst (SIFP, SIF, RET)
Erin Wright, Senior Database Analyst (SIFD, HTD)
Amanda Ropp, Assistant Senior Database Analyst (SCD, EMPL, IRD)
Michelle Turner, Database Analyst (ADM, SFA)
Liz Laurienzo, Data Quality Coordinator (SCD, EMPL, IRD, OB, EA)
Database Analyst, vacant

Troy Miller, Deputy Chief Data Officer
Jianzhong Chen, Data Analyst (ADM, SIF, SFA)
Elizabeth Jasin, Data Analyst (OB, EA)
Data Analyst, vacant