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Data Dashboards

The Office of Data & Analytics (ODA) collects, analyzes and reports data concerning the State University System of Florida. The dashboards below serve as a resource to provide stakeholders with summary analysis of frequently requested and reported indicators.

Example of interactive data dashboard


  • : Includes summary of headcount enrollment by student level (undergraduate, graduate) and student type (FTIC, transfer, etc.) in a given fall term.
  • : Includes summary of student enrollments by their major/program of study and degree level sought in a given fall term.
  • : Different from headcount enrollment, FTE is a measure of all instructional activity based on the credit hours students are enrolled in. Dashboard includes summary of FTE enrollment by course level (lower level undergraduate, upper level undergraduate, etc.) and residency in a given academic year.

Degrees Awarded

  • : Includes summary of degrees awarded by major/program of study, degree level and degree type by academic year.
  • : Includes summary of degrees awarded by degree level, degree type and students’ racial/ethnic group and gender by academic year.
  • : Includes summary of degrees awarded by Program of Strategic Emphasis (PSE) and degree level by academic year.

Note: Additional dashboards will be posted in the coming weeks.

Mobile viewing

18youngchinagirlg视频 ALEXAGRACE小女十六岁Dashboards are best viewed on a desktop or laptop web browser (ex. Chrome). For mobile viewing, download the SAS Visual Analytics mobile app and follow the instructions below:

  1. For iOS and Windows, go to Settings. Select Connections, then Add New Connection. For Andriod, go to Add.
  2. Click the three dots, then Add Connection.
  3. Enter the values below for the new connection:
    • Server: flbog.ondemand.sas.com
    • Secure connection: On
    • Port: 443
    • Log on as guest: On
  4. Select Next to add the connection
  5. Select Done (if needed)
  6. Select Public folder
  7. Select report to add and click download (cloud) icon